August Newsletter

Dear Chamber Member

The Department for Business, Innovation & Skills and Department for Communities and Local Government has recently published (5th August 2105) a Consultation Document about devolving Sunday trading rules. Although many of you may already know about it, I thought it necessary to remind you of the important implications it may have for many people and businesses.

Please consider the published proposals detailed on page 2 and respond if you have comments to make!

What does the consultation aims to achieve you may ask?

Well, large shops (those with a relevant floor area of over 280 square metres / 3,000 square feet) have restricted opening hours on a Sunday, but smaller shops can open all day. This consultation seeks views on whether the Government should devolve Sunday trading rules as part of its localism agenda in order to give local areas greater control of their local economy. They want to know if we think the government should devolve Sunday trading rules to local areas. It will be interesting to know the outcome!

So do not delay if you have something to say!  Please note – the consultation closes on 16 September 2015 at 11.45 pm. If anyone wants to read the whole consultation document please let Frank our Marketing Manager know and he will get one to you.

Dave Riley


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