July Newsletter

Dear Chamber Member

No doubt you will know that the success of every business often relies on working closely with partners and here at the Chamber we are looking to do exactly that! It’s apparent that our success will be only be achieved through effective partnerships  and getting the basics right from start to finish. And I’m pleased to say we are now developing closer links with key delivery organisations such as the Town Council to reap the benefits of forming links and achieve common aims.

Partnerships are often more successful than individual endeavors because one group isn’t saddled with the responsibility of doing everything within its own constraints of perception, knowledge, skills or other resources. Having access to a wider variety of ideas and being able to share the financial costs of achieving a desired aim also means that an organisation could confidently tackle issues they had previously steered clear of. However, for partnerships to add such value, there must be a high amount of planning, flexibility, energy and commitment by all the parties involved.

I believe partnerships have great potential for progressing a cause, tackling difficult issues and accessing funding. However it takes a lot of hard work and commitment for them to succeed and we are consequently looking at a number of partnership initiatives that we hope will deliver real economic outcomes. Everything in this newsletter is about what we are doing in partnership with others, so I hope you continue to support us!

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