June 2015 Newsletter

As you are no doubt aware from previous newsletters we strive to keep our members informed about what the Chamber and other local partners are currently doing to assist trade and business in the town. I hope we have been in some way successful, but I have got to admit that progress on many fronts has been difficult through a lack of willingness and support by both the private and public sectors to get things off the ground. Obtaining replies, information and funding to help the Chamber fulfil its aims and objectives has been and continues to be the main stumbling block that leads to a slow delivery of economic projects for the town. However, we are always in touch with the decision makers, giving them a regular nudge to hear our voice and listen to what we have to say!

Members have also recently mentioned that priority is continuously seen to be given to Telford Town Centre through major capital investment and the incessant publicity and council member support it gets compared to other boroughs market towns such as Wellington. Yes, it might seem that way, but rest assured the Chamber will seek to ensure our town is given and receives as much possible investment and funding support as possible. We continually lobby for an equal share of support and funding from those who hold the purse strings!

Dave Riley, President

Chamber Newsletter June 2015