food-dinner-grilled-shashlikWe are always looking at ways to attract more people to visit and shop in the town for the benefit of its members and local businesses and one suggestion, put forward by local residents, has been a Street Food & Drink event, similar to ones now being held in towns throughout the UK every month.

You may ask, what is Street Food?  Well, the term Street Food relates to a relatively new concept in the UK.  It has various influences and inspirations, however, it is generally considered to be artisan food sold on the streets, or more accurately, not served from restaurants or café’s. It is a fact that people are food-obsessed, but do not have the disposable income for anything the restaurant critics drool over. This is why Street Food has become very popular. Street Food events are now bursting with stalls serving up incredible food in disposable containers throughout the country.

The question is could Wellington do the same?

Well, that is down to our local food outlets and here in Wellington we believe there are a good number of eateries that could be part of a Street Food initiative.

So, in order see if it is something worth serving up, we are contacting take-a-ways, restaurants and food producers to ask if this is something they might be interested in.

It might also be a good opportunity for anyone to test new products and promote their own artisan food.

These events are normally held in town squares during spring, summer and autumn with individual street food traders having their own serving area. Wouldn’t it be great if Wellington could do the same?

If you have a food establishment or know of someone who might be interested in Wellington Street Food, then please call 07870 158 191 or email get in touch!