Support the Clifton

The Aviva Community Fund offers support and funding to inspirational local projects in the community.

This is your chance to support The Clifton Project in Wellington , namely the revival and revamping of the iconic Clifton Cinema.

Constructed of art deco design, the Clifton opened in 1937, and ran successfully until closure in 1987. Since then, this handsome building has remained relatively intact, although its usage first as a supermarket and then as a fabric store inevitably caused some temporary damage.

A group of local people decided to seek support from the community, with a view to creating a Community Centre and Arts Venue – incorporating cinema, theatre, conferences and exhibition spaces – all within the current site which now encompasses the Clifton building itself and a large flat-roof building immediately adjacent. The aim is to purchase the site, by means of a Community Share Offer.

Thus far, the public’s response has been remarkable, with over 520 Shareholders raising some £32,000 pounds in the first year.  Wellington Town Council has given moral and financial support, since the Project will undoubtedly assist the Council’s case for the re-generation of Wellington town centre itself. Similarly, the Wrekin and Telford Council has pledged its support.
The town of Wellington itself has no Community Centre , and we believe that the Clifton project would provide a focus for the local community as well as improving both the footfall into the local shops and market and providing a much needed meeting ground for the various ethnic groups ,local clubs and artists in the area.

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